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Use the calculator below to determine the compatibility of your name with your birth date. Numerology is based on the belief that numbers govern our lives, much like that of . to avoid the winter weather associated with her own birthday in January. Your full date of birth number (like etc) is called your destiny.

The Egyptian calculations are thirty degrees off. I tried this approach, but no matter from w hat angle I see it, I have never identified myself much with the Tropical Zodiac. In fact, the reason I became really attracted to the common sidereal Vedic Ast rology was due to how it really was describing who I was. Thus, even though I li ke the very sound logic of Ernst a quality that many astrologers are clearly la cking , I still couldn't really see myself in the lights of the Tropical Zodiac However, I am not sure if 17 years of life experience are enough to actually ju dge the matter well.

The thing that was really keeping me with some strings attached to the Tropical Zodiac was that the Jaimini Karakas significators were more precise than the J aimini Karakas in the Sidereal Zodiac.

My experiences with Astrology and Karma concept

Most military men became Mars and Sun Atm akaraka, etc. Many ayanamshas are around Lahiri coordinates, or significantly degrees forward, but the Galactic Ayanamsa is the only one I have seen that is significantly backward.

Then I used the Galactic ayanamsha, but instead of d etermining the Jaimini Karakas in the D1, I determined them in the D9 A divisio nal chart; most vedic astrologers use this one and claim that it is the most imp ortant divisional chart and this technique worked as previously mentioned. The D9 chart is cons idered the most important divisional chart and also allows for the Atmakaraka to fall in any Nakshatra.

Also, using the D9 for karaka determination doesn't viol ate any rule in the Jaimini Sutras; there is no ambiguity at all in this either, Jaimini never mentioned what particular chart main or divisional to use to de termine the Karakas Jaimini is to a significant extent ciphered, thus, has some ambiguity when one starts studying it, thus, one must try to understand it with patience.

But there is a as tronomy book called Sidhanta Darpana by Channdrasekhar from Orissa state writt en back years ago or so. Chandrasekhar is an eminent astronomer like Bhaskar a. He identified the corrections to be done for different planets etc. He computes Ayanamsa based on the principles of Surya Sidhanta, which is having a difference of about 10 mins from Lahiri Ayanamsa. So I am not sure how accurat e it will be to use Galactic Ayanamsa.

And you brought up an important point on Atmakaraka. But you are saying that you are determining Atma Karaka using D9. Can you please exp lain how you are doing this in D9? Applying the Atmakarakas to a Navamsa ninth harmonic chart sounds like an intrig uing exploration. This date is based on best estimates of when the galactic equatorial node GEN was at 00' 00" ecliptic longitude from the vernal point 18Hrs RA , creating the exact precessional cross.

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It should be note there are variables in det ermining the exact location of the GEN, such as if the location of GC is based o n IFR or hydrogen, or how exact is the angular inclination of the galactic plane to Earth's equatorial plane. Hence defining sign cusps to within fraction of a degree is purely academic. Although somewhat subjective, I had explored my galactic ayanamsa using micro-dw ads, only with the charts of a few close friends, but did find it to work quite well for cuspal placements.

Ayanamsa In Vedic Astrology - Simple Understanding

I also explored the placement of specific cuspal sta rs, which also made sense to me anyway using this ayanamsa. I would be interested to know about your findings regarding using this ayanamsa. I also wonder if the Babylonian ayanamsa works for you. It is relatively close to the galactic ayanamsa, and according to Cyril Fagan the Babylonian zodiak was that used in original Hindu astrology. Jan 12, Ernst Wilhelm suggests that the ayanamsa for rasis should be determined accordin g to tropical currently used in Western Astrology and Nakshatras according to sidereal.

His arguments make sense. For example it is very reasonable to associa te the beginnings of the mobile signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn with t he solstices and equinoxes. He has a free class on ayanamsa and rasis in his web site that is worth reading. He backs up his arguments with references from the ancient texts. According to Surya Si ddhanta[3], the circumference of the nakshatras wherein the stars exist are sixt y times larger than the circumference of the earths movement around the Sun.

By this is implied that it takes sixty times longer for the Sun to progress one deg ree, than it takes the earth.

Ayanamsa And the Sidereal Zodiac

Therefore it takes 60 years before the Sun has pro gressed one degree in the stars, and years before it progresses two degrees. This makes the average rate of precession of the ayanamsa one minute per year. This is ten arc seconds faster than the current precession 50? Assuming this data to be accurate, it would give a cycle lasting years bef ore the Sayana and Niryana chakras aligned again. So far the only software today, to this authors knowledge, which depicts the Aya namsa based on actual star positions is Jagannath Hora, by PVR Narasimha Rao.

Th e software uses an ephemeris with the actual star positions to fix the ayanamsa.

Ayanamsa and Rasis - Vedic Astrology Free Class Tutorial | maricktolima.ml

Yet, it is this authors hope that one day astrologers will be able to calculate the ayanamsa for any given time using the knowledge given to us by the seers. Read Free For 30 Days. Sunday, 22 April Ayanamsa. Ayanamsa calculation is of high importance for planetary positions, divisional charts, Dasas, transits, etc.

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Switching the Ayanamsa can result in major changes in Dasa balance e. If we calculate the same chart e. There are different opinions about the correct Ayanamsa. The main stream versions of Ayanamsa in Vedic astrology differ about degrees. This section exposes the most important versions of Ayanamsa, compares them and gives examples for the effects on Dasa balance.

Ayanamsa is the difference between tropical and sidereal zodiac. The actual value is about , i. This kind of zodiac has the reference point in the stars. The point 0 Aries is interpreted as the beginning of the sign Aries or the Nakshatra Aswini in the sky. Western astrology, as well as astronomical ephemeris, use the tropical zodiac.

This kind of calculation sets the point 0 Aries vernal point to the position of the Sun at the time of spring equinox.