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This innate ability to predict trends and pick out the best can sometimes make the Leo in your life feel a bit like Cassandra, cursed to always know the future but never be believed. Unfortunately, they may just be arrogant enough to ensure you never forget! Take advantage of this skill if you are a Leo by helping your friends stay ahead of the curve style-wise as well. Since you are known to pick out the best, be open to them asking you for your advice when trying to make decisions.

You should also remind yourself of this personality trait when you are faced with a choice.

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Knowing that you almost always pick the best one can inspire you to make all future decisions quickly and with confidence. Leos are cheesy, dramatic, and hopeless romantics. When you combine this quality with their outgoing nature, you are in for a ton of public surprises and romantic treats. People born under this sign love to surprise their one and only often. For other hopeless romantics, it is the perfect pairing. If public displays of affection and similar types of romantic surprises are not your cup of tea, you may feel like you cannot tell Leo in your life.

They get so excited about making their partners happy, it can be hard to tell them otherwise. However, not letting them know only sets you both up for a big, dramatic fight later on. You can still benefit from their desire to make you happy by letting them know that you value the little things as well.

If you are a Leo, make sure you keep a level head when it comes to romance. Leos are prone to get caught up in the excitement of it all , often moving too fast with the wrong person. Spend time getting to know your partner before rushing into heavy commitments.

You can still shower them with affection, but pay attention to their cues and try to only do so in settings they are comfortable in. Do you have a friend who believes without question that they are going to hit it big? There is a good chance that they are a Leo. When Leos tell others about their plans, the excitement is contagious, making it easy to get others on board with even the loftiest of ideas.

Leos excel in business and are often the face of start-ups for this very reason. Not only do they have larger than life ideas, but they also have the leadership and drive to see them through. This makes them excellent recruiters, brand representatives, and salespeople.

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It is also a great quality to have in a friend, especially if you are on the shy side. Your Leo buddy is the perfect person to help convince you to get out of your shell and try new things. If you are a Leo, there is a good chance that at this very moment, your brain is filled to the brim with ideas, projects, goals, and plans for the future.

Conserve your strength and your funds by only focusing on one or two projects at a time. As one of the fire signs, Leos are also known for their tempers. Of course, a fiery disposition combined with the aggressiveness that is stereotypical of the sign could make for an angry person, but this is rarely the case. Leos do get mad, and are quick to anger, but only when pushed. People born under this sign prefer to channel their passion and energy into meaningful projects with tangible outcomes, like business ventures or supporting a friend, rather than focus on unpleasant emotions like anger.

However, if you wrong a Leo or their friends, you are not in for a good time. A proud sign, Leos have very strong opinions, morals, and values, and do everything they can to defend them. Anyone who insults something or someone that a Leo holds dear is in for an earful at the very least. This often translates to perfectly dished out insults and sharp comments meant to make the subject question their actions.

Leos should be sure that they are not overly defensive. This can sometimes happen to Leos that were bullied as children or who witnessed their friends getting pushed around a lot when they were younger. Early experiences like these can make that fire burn even hotter, creating a temper that is a bit harder to control.

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Remember to focus on how to use it to help others, rather than using it to tear down others. You can tell Leo is ruled by the sun when you put them in the spotlight. Not only do Leos naturally crave attention, they almost always deserve it. If you have a friend who always cracks up the room or who owns each stage they set foot on, there is a very good chance they are a Leo.

Leos often use humor to help others. Their unquestionable loyalty means that they are going to be there as soon as physically possible, and their hilarious sense of humor means that they can keep you in stitches the whole night, forgetting whatever it was that had tried to ruin your day. Leos also make an excellent plus one for parties or other events, since they can quickly connect with everyone in the room.

Try reaching out to just one friend you trust and asking them to help you talk about a serious issue. Since they know you well, they are in a good position to help you identify which feelings your jokes are masking. Then, you can work through those issues together. Leos approach all situations with cautious optimism, emotional intelligence, and an analytical brain.

This makes them fantastic problem-solvers.

They already have an optimistic mindset, so they are already aware that a solution exists. Being able to approach a problem knowing, with complete confidence, that there is a solution is often half the struggle. Emotional intelligence and analytical skills work together to help a Leo consider the implications of all possible solutions, considering potential workarounds until they find one that is the best for the situation.

Not only are they great problem solvers, but Leos are also highly adaptable. Your Leo friend knows that the solution that worked last time may not work this time, because certain factors are different. They also know which questions to ask while trying to come up with solutions, helping them solve the issue in front of them much faster. Confidence and a history of consistently making good decisions also mean that once a problem is solved, your Leo friend is not going to constantly second-guess the answer.

Since you make most of your decisions fast, you may not need to sit down and spend time thinking about the problem the way other signs it the Zodiac might need to. Instead, you likely see a potential problem, think of a solution that works, and put it into practice. When it comes to loyalty, no other sign has Leo beat. Leos are fiercely loyal to their friends, partners, families, and jobs, letting nothing get in the way between them and a commitment they have made.

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Your Leo partner may socialize with members of the opposite sex often and may even flirt a bit due to their outgoing nature, but they are not the type to cheat or do anything that could jeopardize the relationship. Their loyalty is unquestionable, making them fantastic romantic partners. Leos are fiercely loyal friends, always there for you no matter what. They are known to go to the ends of the Earth and back for their friends without question. When it comes to helping someone a Leo cares about, they are always going to set personal feelings aside.

The Leo woman and Gemini man in love will have a satisfying union as long as he can convince her that she is the only one for him. He will have to make time for Leo and constantly reassure her that she is the center of his world. Than he will shrink away even more. Cancer will have to dial back the emotion and assert himself more if his Leo woman is to take him seriously.

Likewise she will have to be more understanding and check her ego. This match can be difficult in love compatibility and might lead to a breakup. However, they both have the same ego and need for control so some one has got to give. The Leo woman Leo man soulmates are a great couple as long as they are on the same path but if they disagree they have a hard time backing down.

This is the same in the bedroom as well. Their sex is amazing because they both want the same thing but they might argue over who is on top! But in time they will learn to share and then their relationship will really grow. She is outgoing and social while he is shy and reserved.

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He is hard working and she is ambitious so they will have successful and healthy lives. If they make an effort to do things the other one likes to do this will go a long way in showing they care. She is a leader whereas he likes to weigh all sides of an issue. Their attraction will stem from their shared outgoing personalities. Libra is flirty and witty and Leo is usually the center of attention. They Leo woman and Libra man in bed will have great sex because the he loves to please and she will respond in kind.