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Use the calculator below to determine the compatibility of your name with your birth date. Numerology is based on the belief that numbers govern our lives, much like that of . to avoid the winter weather associated with her own birthday in January. Your full date of birth number (like etc) is called your destiny.

I certainly have to give the credit to Vedic astrology for bringing the importance of the 9th harmonic to our attention; in jyotish the name of the 9th harmonic is the navamsa pronounced: nuh vahm shuh chart, and from what I understand, practically no jyotishi will analyze a chart without studying the 9th harmonic chart. I think it would greatly benefit those using western astrology to also consider the 9th harmonic of each chart. The 9th harmonic chart is more subtle in nature than the birth chart.

You might say it is the 'soul' of the person where the birth chart is the 'body. The 9th harmonic is ephemeral, but can be very revealing. The number 9 in numerology is a spiritual number, and likewise, the 9th harmonic is of a subtle nature. Major features of the 9th harmonic will show you very important dimensions of a person which might not be so apparent from the birth chart.

Astrology: The Draconic Chart (Introduction)

Sometimes aspects of a person that seem somewhat missing in their birth chart will show up very clearly in the 9th harmonic. In India, a common sentiment about the 9th harmonic is that it shows the 'fruit' of the life, whereas the birth chart shows the 'tree. For example, someone's Sun might be very weak in the birth chart, but if it is strong in the navamsa chart, then the person's Solar qualities will strengthen throughout his or her life. We might say that the 9th harmonic shows the latter part of life, because as one goes on in life, one is living more from their inner nature 9th harmonic , rather than the conditioned elements of their early and physical life birth chart.

It may be that the 9th harmonic is more evident as one goes on in life, because as we get older, we are less influenced by the conditioning of our early lives, and therefore more true to our inner, or soul, nature. But mainly, i would say that the 9th harmonic is like an etheric snapshot of the inner self. In the 9th harmonic, i recommend looking for the basics, like a planet's sign, house placement, and aspects. By looking, at least briefly, at the 9th harmonic chart, you will likely see elements that confirm certain parts of the birth chart.

This will give you more certainty in those aspects of the person.

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You may also see some major themes that were not so obvious in the birth chart. This may complicate things a bit, but it will allow you to see and understand the whole person better. I always look at someone's 9th harmonic western and vedic chart before doing a consultation with them.

Flying, Deep In The Night

How to Produce a Free 9th Harmonic Chart To run off a copy of your 9th harmonic chart, if you do not have the software to do it, go to www. After you enter your chart data, go to the 'Extended Chart Selection. Then view the chart. You can look at the chart by finding the degree of the ASC, and drawing equal houses all the way around. Or--and this is better if the birth time isn't totally precise--draw whole-sign houses, where the sign that contains the ASC becomes the entire first house, and so on from there.

Know that the ASC changes very quickly in the 9th harmonic. On average, the ASC will change every 13 minutes. So you can see that the accuracy of the birth time is very important if you want an accurate 9th harmonic chart. If you have a rough birth time, it might be best to use a 9th harmonic solar chart, rather than an ASC chart, so you do risk interpreting a radically inaccurate chart. Transits to the 9th Harmonic I have seen that transits to the 9th harmonic have some validity, but in a subtle way, similar to the nature of the entire chart.

To keep things simple, I might recommend just looking only at transiting conjunctions to the 9th harmonic chart. I also mainly recommend these transits only to clarify the nature of other major methods, such as standard transits and progressions or dasas. To give credit, I believe it was astrologer Mumin Bey who first gave me the idea to look at this. So what you might do is this: if a major event already shows up in regular transits or progressions or dasa periods if you use vedic astrology , check what kind of transiting conjunctions are happening in the 9th harmonic chart--activity there might clarify things.

I'll give you some personal examples. When I had my second pass of my Jupiter return, I also had my 'Chiron return' in my 9th harmonic. This was when I started Grace Flower Essences. When I had my natal Chiron opposition, I also had my 'Pluto return' never heard of that one, huh!? I had a very painful separation in a relationship that stirred up old stuff. About a year later, I had transitting Pluto and Uranus quincunx my natal Moon.

Draconic Astrology Patrizia Trotta

At the same time, I had my second pass of my 'Pluto return' in my 9th harmonic. This coincided with one of the most intense experiences of my life, another painful relationship separation that brought old stuff to the surface. At one point in , I started a much stronger dasa period than I had previously been in. At the same time, Jupiter conjoined the Uranus in my 9th harmonic chart. I had a very positive experience in an online forum. In brief, I was on a tantric pilgrimage through India, backed by a lineage of ancient siddhas and their spiritual offspring.

What began in a yurt in Northern California culminated at an alpine lake in the Himalayas.

Draconic Astrology Patrizia Trotta

Visionary experience, yogic knowledge, gnostic wisdom…. When I moved out of my apartment and crossed the country in search of illumination, I did so with the two hundred dollars I inherited from my aged refugee of a dear and recently departed Grandmother. I was traveling on a wing and a prayer. What did the sagely Centaurs have to contribute to that prayer?

Precious elixir would pour through my life-stream. By noting only these two placements we can locate a very precise kind of moment in time. Despite my outwardly rough situation, the guides were brewing up something delicious. There are so many ways to do astrology. Maybe some progression, time lord, or dasha might show it. A pure expression of Mercury or Jupiter in just the right alignment could express these sort of things. That can feel to me like a massaged message, selectively choosing from a list of planetary attributes. True, though: by transit one of only several ways of noting the passing of astrologic time an eventual Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to my natal Moon, under an Eclipse when I returned to California, marked a fitting culmination to the journey.

I was at last spiritually Jupiter on my own Uranus in a way that felt right natal Moon. How had it begun? I remained near the woodsy yurt for six months, collecting what Buddhists call merit by working on an assembly line creating Tibetan sacred texts by day, and meditating by evening. That very first night, a bubble burst: a fairy godmother of the Indo-Tibetan variety visited me in a waking dream state. I felt true healing, deep in my physical cells, through the energetic body, and into my heart.

This transit happened twice. First, when I arrived for work under the Bodhi tree in India, and second, during a visionary moment that sealed my term with the Buddhist group.

Ancient Astrology

That first transit of Chariklo to my karmic sweet spot found me cast as a fortunate emissary of the dharma printers, in a stint abroad on sacred ground. One full season into that intensive self-sacrifice, my spiritual reward was granted by another visit from the same fairy godmother. When I took a short vacation at a sacred lake not just any lake, but the mythic home of that dakini — wise woman , the energetic cork popped.

Kundalini awakened in a powerful new experience. I know the date exactly February 7, That degree is meaningful, in part because it sextiles my Neptune and trines my Pluto. This planet is the boundary of our solar system, the way-station between the transpersonal Uranus and spiritual realm Pluto … and beyond! Venus lit up this pairing. It was a notable moment in time, full of blessings which I gathered by being at the right place at the right time.

Then once more, by retrograde motion, Chariklo returned to my Draconic Asc. This time she marked a transformative Dream experience back in California. In the twilight between dreaming and waking, a blissful vision showed me the empirical reality of the Buddhist teachings. In the chart of this Dream, a culmination of one quest, the Centaurs make analysis simple. They are very specific signifiers, and do precise things in this chart. These four Centaur planets are each found near key points. Chiron the guide approaches my Ascendant , Okyrhoe the oracle transits my Pluto , Chariklo the healer is at my Draconic Ascendant, and Pholus the catalyst is once again at my Midheaven.

Empowered by this case study, I turned my zodiacal buddies loose to explore the lives of my teachers and dozens of inspiring figures in world history. Together the results comprise an astrology of ecstasy. I point them to this or that article or bit of research, but nothing that integrates the whole centaur story.